This Week In Dash: December 23rd – December 28th

This Week In Dash: December 23rd – December 28th

This week has been another very productive week in Dash, including the announcement of the release Dash Platform on EvoNet next week! Continue reading to get a summary of the week.

Dash Network News of the Week:

Dash Platform To Be Released to EvoNet Next Week: The Dash Core Group has announced via their Twitter account that they “plan to release Dash Platform on EvoNet, our public testing environment for Evolution features” on Monday, December 30th and they also plan to publish a blog post on the same day “that will detail the release and the public testing plan”. Dash Core Group added that the “test plan consists of several phases” and the “initial release will include information on the EvoNet testing environment, which is currently being deployed and includes only those services required for Phase 1 testing, the developer documentation, and a new developers page at”. The initial testing release of Dash Platform marks the beginning of the much anticipated network overhaul also know as Evolution that intents to make Dash even more friendly for users and developers.
Dash Integrations of the Week:

ATAR Pay Integrates Dash Enabling NFC Payments for Over 2.5 Million Brazilian Merchants: Dash Brazil has partnered with ATAR Payment Processor and Stratum exchange to enable Dash users to make purchases at over 2.5 million merchants in Brazil, including contactless payments anywhere Mastercard is accepted via an NFC bracelet. This is Dash’s second foray into contactless payments since a previous Dash project was able to get 25% of individuals at an Estonian music festival with 4,000 total attendees to spend over €19,000 EUR in Dash via NFC bracelets over four days. These projects attempt to balance decentralization with improving user friendliness to advance the adoption of Dash among mainstream consumers.

Author: Justin Szilard
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  • 2019-12-28